International Student Office and out of U.S.

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ISP位在Student and Community Services Building的 2 楼,和Bookstore、Admission & Records等位在同一个建筑里。 ISP是所有国际学生要常常来报到的地方,从入学的新生训练、选课问题、申请校内工作、校外实习(CPT)、转科系、医疗保险、回国、转学等所有事情,国际学生都要先询问或是通过ISP来完成。



pre-request: holding F-1 visa for 1 year and at least stay current school 6 months

  1. Find a job
  2. meet ISP advisor: 1)choose CPT course from FH, ITRN 50~54 from 1 units to 5 units (涨价的意思) 2)Complete CPT agreement form
  3. Enroll in CPT course (上CPT course的同时也在工作,如果下个quarter要继续工作也要在选下一个ITRN course(note:因为系统不能重复选课))
  4. Submit online document request for CPT(Submbit CPT agreement form to international Center)(ask ISP for detail)


- CPT type:(both have to be in FULL TIME student status ( at least 12 units per quarter but it has expection for last quarter in current school)
    - part-time CPT:no more than 20 hr per week.
    - full-time CPT:more than 20 hr per week.
- CPT type will note on you I-20

IMPORTANT: 如果你参加了一年以上(365天以上),那你会失去OPT资格(没有例外没得商量). by USCIS ““lawfully enrolled on a full-time basis in a Service-approved college, university, conservatory, or seminary for one full academic year”

CPT is request by each quarter that means you have to request EVERY single quarter

心得: ITRN课有经验的人说去个两次就好



当决定好离开美国日期的前 3 个星期(尤其是暑假要尽量提早交I-20)。 需要到ISP填一张黄色的Request Form。写清楚明确的出发、回程日期以及旅行地点,附上I-20正本一起缴交,大概出发前一星期左右就可以拿回I-20囉!


NOTE: 提交一次申请签名为一年有效期(进入美国要在一年内)